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The next step - Lithium PowerblocHightech & more Driving Pleasure with safe technology and Long Life Time

With the Lithium Powerbloc you´ll drive much more lighter than with a standard lead acid battery.

If not needed for a lengthy period, the extremely low self-discharge of a max. 1% to 2% per month also enables the Powerbloc batteries to be stored to the exclusion of any quality losses for a number of years with excellent Start/Stop Performance. Enjoy also high driving pleasure and short charging times.

Ultralight! Compact! Long Life Time!


  • High Power
  • Long Life Time
  • Lightweight
  • Faster Charging
  • Very Low Self Discharge
  • High Intrinsic Safety
  • Excellent Start/Stop Performance
  • Less Fuell Consumption
  • Less CO2-Emission
  • Can Be Mounted In Any Position

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