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    • May the battery remain installed in the motorcycle in winter?

      Principally, the battery may remain installed. However, it is necessary to make sure that loads, such as alarm system, clock etc., do not deep-discharge the battery. Charge if required.
    • Do I need a special charger?

      The Lithium Powerbloc may be charged with a special Li-Ion charger. A usual lead-battery charger with appropriate cut-off voltage is also suitable.
    • Does the battery start in cold temperatures?

      Because of the lithium-iron-phosphate technology, the Lithium Powerbloc does an excellent starter job even in cold temperatures. Therefore, warming the battery is not necessary.
    • Is it possible to install the Lithium Powerbloc in any position?

      The Lithium Powerbloc does not contain any acid or the like and may therefore be installed in any position.
    • Are there problems with the generator when charging?

      There are no known problems so far.
    • Are Lithium Powerblocs suitable for all types of motorcycles?

      Which model is suitable for which type of motorcycle, depends on the engine displacement and the components to supply. We will be happy to recommend the right model for your bike (info@lithiumpowerbloc.de).
    • How long does the battery last?

      The Lithium Powerbloc lasts four to five times as long as a regular lead-battery. The lifetime is up to 10 years.
    • Why does a 5.5 Ah lithium battery replace a 10 Ah lead battery?

      Lead is an inert material and delivers only 30 % of its capacity. Lithium, instead, has a very high energy density and delivers almost 100 % of its energy. Therefore, a smaller lithium battery is sufficient in order to replace a lager lead-acid battery.
    • Which model is suitable for the BMW 1200 GS?

      The Lithium Powerbloc 11 Ah is best suitable for the BMW 1200 GS.

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