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BMZ GmbH Global Player in lithium-ion battery system solutions

BMZ Group is a global player in the production of lithium-ion system solutions. The Group is headquartered in Germany and has production facilities in China, Poland and the USA as well as offices in Japan and France. In addition, there are research & development facilities worldwide. BMZ has more than 20 years of experience with over 2,000 customers and implements around 250 new projects every year.


BMZ Evolution Center


Tier-one supplier of a variety of applications

As a tier-one supplier, BMZ Group manufactures lithium-ion applications for all market segments and products that use batteries. BMZ is a system supplier for all kinds of products with lithium-ion application such as energy storage systems, e-bikes, large batteries for buses, forklifts, e-boats, industrial trucks, sweepers, aerospace applications, power and garden tools and medical devices. BMZ develops, documents and designs components of lithium-ion systems for the products of the customer. Approximately 2,300 employees work for BMZ Group worldwide. As a result, we can achieve cost advantages for our customers.

Research & Development devises customer-specific solutions

Today’s market increasingly leans towards lithium ion manganese, lithium iron phosphate or lithium polymer batteries offering a high-current capability. Nevertheless, nickel metal hydride or nickel cadmium based customized system solutions are still available upon request. Customised lithium-ion system solutions are the key feature of BMZ Group. BMZ’s highly skilled project managers, designers and developers are strong partners in the entire development and production process: from drafting and the first functional samples to the necessary CE/UN/UL tests and mass production. 20 percent of the employees of BMZ Group worldwide work in R & D.  Our success is based on a high level of quality, flexibility and production expertise which are brought to the projects and services of BMZ Group to deliver innovations and ensure short lead times.

Innovative products for the future

BMZ Group develops innovative products with technologies for the future. Our employees work enthusiastically on products that help promote electric vehicles and the use of photovoltaics. Our products help conserve resources and reduce CO2 emissions as well as noise emissions. This is how we contribute to a more sustainable development.

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