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BMZ GmbH From1994 until today

Since its foundation in 1994 in Karlstein Germany, BMZ has emerged as one of Europe’s leading providers of systems and solutions for the intelligent mobile energy market.

Custom designed batteries developed and manufactured by BMZ are used worldwide and trusted in many different applications and products including: electric garden tools, power tools, electric vehicles, electric bicycles, portable medical devices and storage units for renewable energies.


BMZ GmbH (Headquarter)

Since the founding year, a highly-skilled staff of over 1,100 employees worldwide has ensured timely production while maintaining the finest quality standard which is accredited by DIN EN ISO 9001:2008.

With our primary manufacturing in Germany, BMZ has the flexibility to react quickly to changes in the European market.Alternatively, our production plants in Poland and China permit a cost-efficient production on the global market today.

As the expert in custom designed battery packs, our qualified construction engineers and technicians generate new technologies in close collaboration with our customers. BMZ provides complete custom solutions based on proven design and technologies to meet our customers‘ needs for energy storage systems. We provide assistance starting with the initial drawings, provide functional samples, and pre-production CE/UN/UL- testing to the point of mass-production.

Today’s market is increasingly focused on Lithium Ion, High Current Lithium Ion Manganese, Lithium Iron Phosphate, and Lithium Polymer. However, Nickel Cadmium and High Current Nickel Metal Hydride are still used in a variety of applications. We offer complete concepts on demand reliably constructed and manufactured according to specifications of the electric power supply with primary and rechargeable energy. Our close cooperation with universities and industry specialists, together with our in-house manufacturing capabilities and robust requirements for the design of battery solutions, safety electronics, charger development, and plastic materials and stamping technologies for cell connections, reduces development time and ensures a speedy product delivery to our customer.